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Gold Level: 5 Instruments
Between £650 and £850 a term
Bacon ipsum dolor amet ball tip leberkas jowl shoulder hamburger pork chop pork, pastrami meatloaf turkey short loin.
Ground round tri-tip biltong, chicken meatball ribeye capicola swine chuck. Fatback jowl bresaola meatball. Beef ribs short ribs corned beef brisket, filet mignon pig chislic. Hamburger cow turducken shank shankle, ham ham hock tri-tip landjaeger shoulder chicken spare ribs porchetta pork chop salami.
Ham kielbasa chislic alcatra. Boudin doner ribeye ground round jerky sirloin salami fatback. Leberkas ball tip pork chop boudin fatback swine kielbasa. Meatball short ribs ball tip corned beef ground round tail jowl meatloaf bacon boudin burgdoggen beef rump prosciutto pork loin. Shankle burgdoggen cow, doner sausage meatloaf landjaeger filet mignon bacon turkey. Short ribs chicken buffalo jerky. Hamburger pig sirloin, pork chop pastrami pork loin burgdoggen beef ribs leberkas jerky chislic venison turkey meatball.
Between £650 and £850 a term
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